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Director's Reel


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Prudence has directed various mediums including film, tv and live shows. 


Commercial spots

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Television commercials are our "SPECIALTY" We pride ourselves on creating a "mini film" to showcase your product in its BEST LIGHT.

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Independent Film


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“Bummy Stone” was shot on super 35 mm and was accepted into Robert DeNiro's Tribeca short film festival and the International Fort Lauderdale Film Festival. After the film festivals, Sprint approached us to work with them. You also can catch “Bummy Stone” on viewable on Sprint cell phones. The film also recently has been accepted into the Moondance festival.


Promotional Video


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We create informative promotional videos as a marketing tool that showcases each individual business in its best light.




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We have collaborated on high end Infomercials  for Tara Productions that represented popular “As Seen on TV” products such as The Flavorwave, The AbRevolutionizer, Miracle Blade, Ultimate Chopper, Celebrity White, Body Burner and many more.


Website Development



We offer "Website Development" that provides character to each individual business.


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 Los Angeles, Ca -  Phone: (818) 568-0390  New York, NY - Phone: (917) 334-9993  Miami, Fl - Phone: (954)557-5449